Millions of people are already searching for international air travel, vacation packages, cruises (and considerably more river cruises), all-inclusive resorts, family vacation ideas, North American flights, hotels, car rentals ... and the search volume is increasing DAILY!

With 19 MILLION UNIQUE VISITORS in 2019, and 67 MILLION pageviews across our network of travel-focused websites, and a 9+ MILLION traveler email databse, we are now anticipating a blockbuster rise in 2022 to search volume, visitors, and BOOKINGS, to monthly levels of 40-50% ABOVE 2019 levels, as the pent-up desires ov over 100 million American travelerss point to somewhat of a "rollover" of 2020/2021 canceled leisure travel booking, into 2022!

And, with ad competition expected to be higher than ever this year on Google, we are offering travel suppliers and retailers an additional outlet to reach millions of travel consumers. The travel industry has grown 60% from 2010 to 2019, and, despite the challenges of Covid-19, our Travel Surveys conducted over the past 3 months show the expected explosion coming in 2022, with 2021 dependent upon when vaccinations are at the point of availability to the general public.

Aside from our 20+ year offering of proprietary data reports through our Travel Surveys (TM), division, Travel Advertiser now offers focused banner, email and article marketing options across our 1300+ company owned travel and non-travel affiliated, cros-promoting websites. Our cruise ad network is supported by over 350 cruise websites, including more than 70 dedicated specifically to river cruises.

But, no matter what your travel niche is, we can help you establish and grow your brand, promote your offerings and drive sales to your doors! Contact us today, and give us the opportunity to create a customized Travel Advertiser Marketing Plan for your company that incorporates YOUR needs, is designed for YOUR budget, and is focused on YOUR success!

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